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Grant Keene

Barry Keene

As the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Keene leverages his diverse skillset to enhance the efficiency of all development activities. With a background in commercial tenant and capital improvement, he founded West Realty Consulting to provide comprehensive insight and oversight in the development sector. He now coordinates all necessary elements for WJK’s operations, including scheduling subcontractors, sourcing materials, and overseeing project direction, effectively managing development at both company-wide and project levels.

“Our goal is to deliver the best product on the market in a cost and time-efficient manner,” says Barry Keene, COO. To achieve this, he ensures the most skilled subcontractors are effectively utilized along project timelines, and trades are efficiently directed to maximize labor output and minimize project duration. He oversees business development operations, including team-based initiatives and client relations, with the common goal of delivering the right product to expedite sales and maximize margins in a given market. Mr. Keene emphasizes client and investor relations, valuing all dialogue and input. He focuses on business development and maximizing operational efficiencies, adapting to dynamic markets from every perspective to maintain a cost-effective and excellent product.

“As my grandfather always said, ‘Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance,’ and he successfully piloted 125 WWII missions, so those are words I can work and live by!”

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